Frequently asked questions

1When is the congress?
The congress will be held from october 24th to october 26th, 2018.
2What are the stand measures?
The measure of the stand is of 3 x 3 m2
3How much does a stand cost?
The price for stand is of 3,240 usd
4Does the price for stand include iva?
No, the stand’s price doesn’t include IVA
5Do you have any discounts?
Yes, from November 2017 to April 2018 we’ll offer 10% discount
6What kind of change do I make the payment?
To make the payment you must base on the Official Journal of the Federation.
7What does the stand include?
Each contracted stand will be given to the exhibitor with these specifications: - Space of 3 x 3 m2 - Rough use carpet in gray color - Aluminum structure - White bulkheads, measurements: .9 x 2.3 mts - Labeled marquee with the name of the contracting company - 2 slim line lamps - 2 power outlets for 500 watts
8Does the stand include the entry of our personal?
For each stand there may be up to 4 people, between them 1 or 2 hostesses according to your convenience
9How much time do I have to assemble my stand?
The days October 22th and 23th will be destined to assemble (previously scheduled the date)
10What are the payment options?
The payment options are by transference or referenced check
11Can I pay with credit card or cash?
No, payments with credit card or cash will not be accepted
12How can I reserve my place?
The stands reservation is via internet, is very important to be registered so you can make your purchase.
13Can I get my bill before paying?
Of course, you send us your information to bill and we’ll send it to you.
14Do I need to pay off my account to upload my payment receipt?
No, you can actually upload your receipt for 30% advance